June 15, 2012
Gro-Bark trailer promotes green industry
Gro-Bark shows its strong support for Landscape Ontario’s Green for Life branding with this transport trailer rolling along Ontario highways.
A billboard that measures over 50 feet long and 14 feet high is moving across the Greater Toronto Area each day, promoting Landscape Ontario and the green industry. The image on the side of a transport trailer displays a beautiful residential landscape with the words, “Plant a garden...Believe in tomorrow!”

The trailer belongs to Gro-Bark based in Waterloo, a long-time Landscape Ontario member. The company produces mulch and landscaping soil.  

 “All our customers benefit when homeowners and property managers choose to invest in their green space,” says Gro-Bark’s Kerri Stevenson. “We want to promote the green industry at every opportunity and what is better than a travelling billboard in the GTA?”

Referring to the image on the trailer, Stevenson said, “The plant material probably comes from one of the nurseries that we service. The soil and mulch hopefully comes from one of bulk product distributors and the actual landscape was done by a landscaper that visits us or one of our distributors.”

Gro-Bark came to Landscape Ontario requesting ideas on a design. “Lee Ann Knudsen (LO’s publisher) provided us with great input. We settled on this design, because it looks great and it helps promote a very important branding initiative for our association,” says Stevenson.

Gro-Bark hopes to create more trailers that will promote the industry if the effort receives positive responses.

Stevenson notes that Gro-Bark runs a contest each year asking customers to submit photos of a landscape project. She says the next winning photo could be the next travelling billboard. “In the past, the winner received a small prize. If we can work out the details, we could make a banner of the winning project and put it on a trailer.”

Gro-Bark also supports the Ontario Forest Industries Association; an image on the trailer’s other side promotes that association’s new branding initiative. “Our products are for the most part forest-based and it is important to us that Ontario has a strong forest industry. We are hoping to promote a healthier attitude towards the industry, especially among the residents of southern Ontario,” says Stevenson.

Gro-Bark’s website asks, “Why support Landscape Ontario? Landscape Ontario is a dynamic association offering professional development opportunities, industry trade shows and conferences, consumer events and cost savings benefits. Landscape Ontario has an active part in research and market development in at least ten sectors and nine chapters of the Ontario landscape industry.”

Anyone interested in submitting an entry to this year’s Gro-Bark Contractor Photo Contest may do so by Aug. 1. Send a high-resolution digital photo of your best landscape design or installation using Gro-Bark products, and you will be entered to win 20 cubic yards of Gro-Max premium garden soil with a value of up to $880. And, of course, your project could be seen by thousands on the side of a Gro-Bark transport trailer.