January 18, 2010
Green for Life Logo Downloads
Logo Downloads and Specs

It is important that the image of the Green for Life campaign is presented in a consistent and professional manner. Please act responsibly when using the icon to brand the identity of our industry. In order to use the logo the way it was designed, you must download and review the Brand Standards Manual to assist in the delivery of communications to external audiences. If you have any questions or comments regarding logo use, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Logo formats

The Landscape Ontario Green for Life logo is available for members featuring either a lifestyle or tree icon. The lifestyle icon may be used by any group, organization or company who wish to promote the benefits landscaping and horticulture to the public. The trade logos that included the first "Horticultural Trades Association" line may ONLY BE USED BY CURRENT ACTIVE AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF LANDSCAPE ONTARIO.

Logo file are available in a wide number of file formats, each with specifications specific to its intended use.

If you would like to receive the trade logos by e-mail, please contact Robert Ellidge at rob@landscapeontario.com and specify what format you require the logo for.

Options are:
  • Commercial print use (print materials such as flyers, business cards, advertising). Full colour and black only available.
  • Electronic use (websites, email signatures, presentations). Versions exist with and without a background (white box).
  • Signage and Vehicle Wraps. (Scalable vector format for large printing)

Consumer Logo:




Member Only Trade Logo:  
Member Only Trade Logo:



File Formats

.TIF Raster image file. 300 dpi, CMYK colour for commerical printing
.PNG Internal documents such as Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. Website and e-mail.
.EPS External brochures, promotional items. For large scale professional printing projects.


ORANGE: Spot Color: Pantone© 1665C
4-Color Process Match: 0C; 68M; 100Y; 0K
Vinyl Avery Autumn Orange A4179-O

GREEN: Spot Color: Pantone© 377C
4-Color Process Match: 45C; 0M; 100Y; 24K
Vinyl Avery Sherwood Green A6666-D

OFF-WHITE: Spot Color: Pantone© Warm Grey1
4-Color Process Match: 0C; 1M; 9Y; 3K
Vinyl Avery Warm Grey1 A9021-D


Link all website and e-mail logos to the Landscape Ontario website at www.landscapeontario.com.


Robert Ellidge, Editor
Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association