March 15, 2013
The most popular saving opportunity in Landscape Ontario’s Endorsed Supplier Program is offered by General Motors.

“Over the years, we have purchased many GM trucks through the program and have saved thousands of dollars in the process. We have received great value for our participation in the program,” says Dave Wright CLP of Wright Landscape Services in Bloomingdale.

Arvils Lukss of Landscapes by Lucin in Toronto, says “Landscape Ontario and the CNLA have spent considerable time and energy creating purchasing programs with substantial discounts!  All this and more are available simply by being an LO member!”

Brian Lofgren, president of Horta-Craft in Strathroy, says, “The discount we are receiving from GM is a great added benefit and was part of the reason that we went with the GM vehicle. We just finalized a deal for a new vehicle.”

The program can save members up to $12,000 on fleet leases/purchases on their new GM vehicle. For instance, in 2012, a total of 169 Landscape Ontario members purchased 259 vehicles using the GM program in 2012, saving them a collective $2,845,900.

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