March 14, 2024
GCC website and social media gaining momentum

GCC website and social media gaining momentum

In just over a year, the Garden Centres Canada public website has evolved into an active community of gardening enthusiasts and industry leaders. has emerged as a practical source for gardening-related inquiries, providing individuals with essential information and resources. It’s become a virtual hub for those seeking guidance on horticulture and continues to foster a community interested in exploring the world of plants.

The GCC public website serves as a resource offering a variety of gardening tips for those looking to expand their understanding of their hobby/passion/lifestyle.

The website's map feature has led to increased inquiries from independent retail garden centres eager to join the growing community. This feature not only connects consumers with nearby garden centres, but also provides businesses with an additional platform to expand their retail reach.

Thoughtfully crafted social media posts have extended the website's impact, encouraging the public to explore gardening while assisting GCC members in reaching a wider audience. You can follow along on Instagram, @gardencentrescanada, to help the group build more traction.

The Facebook peer to peer group is seeing increased engagement, with more members participating and new retail garden centres joining the conversation. This peer-driven interaction adds to professional camaraderie and supports collaborative efforts within industry. Join this active community of owners and operators by searching “Garden Centres Canada Peer Group” on Facebook.

As we reflect on the past year, we’re thrilled to see the GCC public website turning into an active and resourceful ecosystem for owners and enthusiasts alike as inquiries, knowledge, retail growth and peer interaction continually show ongoing potential. The journey has just begun, and the GCC public website will continue to sow the seeds for a connected, informed and sustainable tomorrow.

Explore more at and be part of this flourishing community.

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