January 5, 2023

About the FLP Program

The Fusion Landscape Professional (FLP) program provides designers and contractors with the tools and knowledge to promote and provide landscapes that utilize lot level stormwater management and enhance the environment.

This program focuses on enhancing skills in designing, constructing and maintaining landscapes, that will help participants to meet the needs of a variety of clients, while increasing the sustainability of our communities.

Becoming a certified Fusion Landscape Professional, you are opening the door to new business opportunities and ensuring you are keeping up to date with an evolving landscape industry.

The FLP program features two days of in-class instruction with hands-on components. The training will Include:

  • Theory and municipal strategies;
  • The science behind Fusion landscaping;
  • Selling Fusion landscapes;
  • Site inventory, analysis and planning Fusion landscapes;
  • Designing, constructing and maintaining Fusion landscapes;
  • Setting yourself up for success with Fusion landscapes.

Selected participants will be required to read the Fusion Landscape Professional Study Manual prior to participation. The FLP Study Manual Table of Contents can be downloaded below if you would like more information on what the program will cover.

Other suggested readings include the Canadian Landscape Standard (CLS) and the Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) Manual.

For further information, please contact:

Miles McVey
Education & Training Administrator

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association