September 15, 2010
The Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation (OHTF) has announced its list of 2010 scholarship recipients.

The Foundation administers an endowment fund to support scholarships and research for the horticulture industry. The scholarships, which total over $20,000, go to both secondary and post-secondary students.

In the post-secondary category, the recipients of $1,000 scholarships are: Marcel Bombardier, St. Clair College; Laura Caddy and Luke Serbina, both of Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture; Sarah Gregory and Becky Smith, both of Fanshawe College; Ethan Langerak and Henry Sikkema, both of Niagara College; Shawn MacMillan, Algonquin College; Sean May, University of Guelph; Krista Palmer, Seneca College; Robyn Read, Algonquin College. The Horticulturist Scholarship for $500 went to Dennis Watt, Seneca, while Ty Baynton, Fanshawe College received the Tony DiGiovanni Scholarship for $1,000, and Tyler Garrard, also of Fanshawe College, received the Casey van Maris Scholarship for $1,000. High school scholarships for $1,000 went to Sharla Bernard, Alqonquin College; Vicki Kennedy, Fanshawe; Mathew Lachcik, Humber College; Thomas Messore and Melissa Spearing, both Niagara Parks; and Brianne Prentice, Ryerson University. The high school apprenticeship scholarship for $1,000 went to Jakeob Daoust, Humber.      

Legacy campaign

The Foundation has also contributed thousands of dollars over the years to research programs. In 2009, alone, the Foundation provided a total of $51,519.51 to help fund research to assist the future of the industry.

A new program to help continue the Foundation’s good works is the legacy campaign introduced at this year’s Growers’ Auction by Brian Cocks CHT. He pledged $100,000 from his estate toward the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation (OHTF). At the time, he said, “I want to show members I am very serious about this program.”

Cocks says that for most LO members, leaving $10,000 in their will is peanuts. “The tax considerations alone make it worthwhile. Each contribution will receive a receipt for tax purposes.”

Forms are available at the LO home office, or by contacting Brian Cocks, at 905-643-1978, or e-mail You may also contact John Wright, chair of the Foundation, at 519-581-2942, or