March 8, 2022
Teresa Matamoros
Teresa Matamoros
Teresa Matamoros joined Landscape Ontario’s Georgian Lakelands Chapter board about eight years ago and currently serves as chapter president. She has been actively involved in organizing many of the chapter’s annual events and her company, Garden Holistics, based in Thornbury, Ont., has been a member of has been a member of the association since 2006.

How did you first connect with Landscape Ontario?

I first heard of LO in the early ‘90s when I was doing the Apprenticeship program.

What led to your participation on the Georgian Lakelands Chapter board?

I was introduced to the possibility of sitting on the board by Lynne Barnes of Heartwood Landscaping more than 10 years ago and then joined the board when Lexi Dearborn was president about seven or eight years ago. Lexi is a great inspiration and I was impressed by the others on the board at the time.

How has the membership within the Georgian Lakelands Chapter changed over that time?  

The membership has grown a lot in the last few years and I see we have more members from the far reaching areas of our chapter. With Zoom now being an acceptable method of communicating we can have connections to almost anywhere in our chapter. There are also more women in the landscaping business and on our chapter boards.

Do you do any other volunteer work?

In the past I have volunteered at Congress. I sometimes help with Rotary events in town, and I love volunteering to look after my grandchildren when I can!

Who inspires you in the landscaping/horticulture world?  

In the 1990s I took a plant materials course at Ryerson for my Landscape Architecture Certificate and it was taught by Paul Ehnes of Greenery Unlimited. He inspired me so much with his enthusiasm and knowledge that I started working for him, and continued to do so for 10 years until I started my own business. He is my mentor still today.

What is one piece of knowledge, wisdom or understanding that you try to impart on each of your clients?

One piece?? Well, I try to impart my passion for the importance of our soils and how compost can remedy almost anything that is ailing in a garden. A healthy garden is dependent on healthy soils. And, don’t rake up or blow off all your leaves from the garden beds, please!

What is the best part of your day? What makes it all worthwhile?

When a client calls to say what a great crew we have and what a great job they did! I love making a difference in client’s gardens, to create beauty and maintain it. AND, I never thought I’d say this, but I love getting up early to see the sunrise!

Do you have any passions outside of plants?

I love canoeing and outback tripping, cooking and eating great food.