December 15, 2012
Focus on Chapters
Taking part in the Day of Tribute, John Brand from Green Unlimited, said, “The men and women here paid the ultimate price to ensure our safety and freedom, and deserve a well maintained final resting place; this is one small way that our landscaping community can provide this along with our respect, admiration and thanks.”
Denis Flanagan CLD
LO Manager of Membership and Public Relations

Denis FlanaganAs part of our support for Chapters in 2012, we had staff members attend as many meetings and events as possible. Your staff from all our departments — publishing, education, membership and trade shows — joined our members to gain feedback on how we can improve communications  and work toward a common goal of supporting and promoting Chapters.

One of the events I covered was the Ottawa Chapter’s Day of Tribute (See story on page 6), where members volunteer their time and horticultural expertise to work with the maintenance staff at Beechwood National Military Cemetery.

During the opening ceremony, representatives from the cemetery board and the military thanked everyone in attendance and passed on a message from the families with loved ones in the cemetery. Much appreciation was offered for the work being done that day by Landscape Ontario members on behalf of the many people who would visit the graves of the fallen on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11.

Despite the cool damp conditions, the members quickly unloaded trucks and set about with the tasks at hand. Specific crews spent the day aerating, fertilizing and overseeding the turf areas between the grave sites, whilst other volunteers raked leaves, edged beds and cleaned the woodland areas.

The event was covered by a journalist and a videographer from the Ottawa Citizen and by a camera crew from CTV. Participants, sponsors, etc. are listed on the page with the article, which was written by Martha Walsh, Ottawa Chapter coordinator, who also did an outstanding job of organizing the event.

Our ongoing plan is to ensure that the positive relationship with Beechwood Cemetery and the military is nurtured. We will introduce new ideas and events and make every effort to ensure that the work of the Chapter is recognized.   

This is an excellent example of what our Chapters have become known for across the province. By participating in community events that give back to the community, we have received provincial, and in some cases, national exposure.

As your provincial board continues to discuss the details of how Chapters are evolving and what new structures will be implemented in the future, the staff at your home office has begun to put together a plan for 2013. Part of that plan will be to feature a Chapter of the Month in your Landscape Ontario magazine. This feature will focus on the great work that the Chapter is doing in their local area. By highlighting the Chapter’s work in the magazine, that particular group will be recognized by their peers in the industry.

The second part of the plan will be to utilize the services of our public relations company and internal staff to concentrate efforts during the same month to gain awareness for that particular Chapter with local media, municipalities and politicians.

We are looking forward to working with all Chapters to develop a plan for 2013, and garner the recognition they truly deserve.
Denis Flanagan can be reached at or at 905-875-1805, ext. 2303.