September 15, 2015
First Waterloo Family Day a big success
Was Waterloo Chapter’s first-ever Family Day a fun time? Just ask the people in this photo. The success of the first year, has organizers looking ahead to next year’s event.
The 1st annual Waterloo Chapter Family Day was a huge success, when over 100 members, families and staff enjoyed the facilities of Bingeman Park in Waterloo on July 19.

Trevor Garner, Waterloo Chapter Family Picnic Chair, says he is very happy with the result of the first-ever event for the Chapter. “It was very well received by the families. The kids had a great time,” said Garner. “Bingeman Park is a super venue.”

Garner said the purpose of the event was to give back to families of members, and also to introduce families to each other. “It was very well received by those who attended.”

The Family Day featured lunch, face-painting, beach volleyball and time on the water park.

Asked if the Chapter planned to hold the event again next year, Garner responded, “Absolutely.”