June 15, 2014
A new schedule for Landscape Industry Certified exams is ready to go, beginning this August.

Landscape Ontario home office in Milton hosts two days of exams, with written tests on Aug. 12, and practical testing on Aug. 13.

A company that has certified employees on staff, means they have made significant commitment to education, safety, craftsmanship and customer service. All individuals must first prove their knowledge and skills through a series of written and hands on tests. A high level of excellence is required to pass each section of the exam.

It is recommended that individuals thinking of testing themselves should have a minimum of 2,000 hours (one year) experience before taking the exam.

At each station, those taking the test are required to perform specific tasks within a specified period of time in the presence of a qualified industry judge. Depending on the industry sector, up to 11 stations must be completed successfully. Skills tests include chainsaw, leaf blower operation, pruning, tree planting, plant and pest identification, and sod and paver installation. A minimum grade of 70 per cent is required on each of the written and hands-on exam problems before certification status can be obtained.

Following the August tests, the next opportunity to take the exam is on Sept. 25 and 26 at Kemptville College, followed by tests at Ridgetown College on Oct. 24 and 25. Written tests will also take place at Expo on Oct. 23.

Although attendance for the orientation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to any new candidates. The orientation will answer questions regarding the testing process. Scheduled orientation days are July 30 at LO home office, Sept. 13 at Kemptville and Oct. 3 at Ridgetown.

Judges are also needed for test days. Anyone interested in becoming involved, may contact Allie at amcinnes@landscapeontario.com. Judges applications are available at http://gfl.me/h28w.

To registration for Landscape Industry Certified exam, go to http://gfl.me/h1sA.

Study manual order forms are available at http://gfl.me/h1sO.