October 5, 2023
First ever national conference on invasive species

Pathways to Change is taking place virtually November 8-9, 2023

All growers, landscapers, retailers, master gardeners, farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, government agencies, environmental organizations, Indigenous partners, organizations and groups are invited to attend Pathways to Change — the first national horticulture and invasive species conference in Canada.

This event aims to connect industry, environmental organizations, Indigenous communities, and government to share key information and inform national and regional approaches to address invasive species impacting horticulture (ornamental and fruits and vegetables) and to protect Canada’s habitats and communities in the face of a changing climate. This event will:
  • Bring together partners from all parts of the horticulture industry that can play a part in preventing horticulture pathways of spread.
  • Provide an opportunity to educate, increase awareness and share knowledge.
  • Identify how we can make use of the current system and create clarity around roles in the horticulture system.

To learn more, register online and see the agenda, visit canadainvasives.ca