January 23, 2017

Prosperity showcase indeed

By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners program manager

I hope that you were among the hundreds who attended the LO Awards of Excellence Ceremony during Congress last month. As members of Landscape Ontario, we are all very fortunate to be a part of this fabulous “community for mutual improvement” comprised of so many “trusted and ethical” professionals. We are equally blessed with outstanding leadership from our peers.

One of our greatest shining examples of leadership, professionalism and a desire to mentor our community, Bob Tubby was bestowed with an Honorary Life Membership Award during the ceremony. I am very honoured to have been included in the presentation of Bob’s award. To see the presentation, go to YouTube and search: LO Honorary Life Member 2016.

Bob’s comments on accepting his award were as usual, concise, humble and wise. A highlight was his humorous observation that, “if you want to hold a meeting, feed them and they will come.” With over 500 well-fed people in the room, he was right. Perhaps more poignant was his comment, “If you want the definition of prosperity, ladies and gentlemen, look around this room, this is a prosperity showcase.” Again, Bob was right.

I have seen time and time again, the many benefits of engaging with each other — mentoring, sharing wisdom, challenges and successes. Surrounding yourself with success brings success; leading others inspires leadership; mentoring others brings mentorship; asking tough questions brings great wisdom, and sharing challenges creates a sense of relief, knowing that you’re not alone on your path.

That’s what membership, community and belonging creates — a sense of companionship and knowing someone is there when you need help.

Our Peer to Peer Network is, after one short year, quickly becoming one of the most relevant and inclusive resources for owners yet to be offered by the Prosperity Partners initiative. Our original proposal was to call it the “You’re In Good Company” network.

Each month, I will share a short interview with a Peer to Peer Network member, showing just how much sharing with peers has had a positive impact on those people and those around them. Hopefully this will inspire others to join and contribute to our focus group discussions.

As we move into 2016, here’s our exciting line-up of Prosperity Partner Peer to Peer sessions:
February 22, Barrie.
Topic: Recruit, Interview, Hire, Better. Barrie.

March 30, Durham/Oshawa/Whitby.
Topic: Delegate It! (to free up time for YOUR own job description).

September, Ottawa, TBD.
October, TBD. Topic: Manage your customers experience of everything.