August 15, 2012
Concern is being raised over the federal government looking at significant cuts to a key program for growers, AgriStability.

At a meeting with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA),  farm leaders from across the country heard from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada officials on changes to business risk management (BRM) programs.

CFA President Ron Bonnett stated, “The CFA strongly expresses our outright opposition to any potential budget-based programming cuts that expose producers to unsustainable levels of off-farm risk that is beyond their capacity to mitigate through on-farm and/or industry-led risk management efforts.”

Farmers want the current demand-driven funding envelope for AgriStability and other BRM programs maintained, as well as investments in innovation, competitiveness and other industry supports.

“The non-transparent, exclusive negotiations that have taken place to date on an issue of such fundamental concern to Canadian producers cannot continue if industry is expected to have faith in the upcoming BRM programs included in the Growing Forward 2 policy framework. We believe producers and their associations have the right to be engaged in the development of BRM programs, an area of shared responsibility,” Bonnett concluded.