September 15, 2017
The season is still in full swing, so before you totally lose track of time, there’s one more thing you have to do — enter your best projects into Landscape Ontario’s Construction, Maintenance and Design Awards of Excellence program.

Winning an LO Award of Excellence is a great marketing tool for your company and a great way to validate your skills, expertise and professionalism and set you apart from your competition. Recognition from your peers and other industry professionals can also improve staff retention and boost employee morale.

Entries in the construction, maintenance and design programs are being accepted until Oct. 1. Don’t wait until the deadline; take photos and start the online entry process now. Retouched photos will not be accepted. It is imperative to submit your entries by the deadline as all entries must then be processed, judged and winners’ information prepared for the greatest awards show of the year!

“The Heat is On” is the theme for this year’s awards ceremony where winners will be announced on Jan 9, 2018. The ceremony is presented by G&L Group, with supporting sponsors Connon Nurseries CBV Holdings and Dynascape.

Visit to submit entries and to find entry guidelines and categories for each program. A username and password are required if you have not already created one with Landscape Ontario. Once logged in, you can work on your entries as your schedule allows, and continue working on them next time you login — as long as they are completed by Oct. 1. Entries are not officially submitted until payment information is entered.

When you login, you will need:
  • Contact information for person entering on behalf of company.
  • Good images of the project; .jpg format, minimum of six and maximum of 15.
  • A point form project summary describing the project objectives, plus any quirks or conditions imposed by the property owner, conservation authority, etc.
  • You will need to print an Authorization Signatures form signed by the client/property owner.
  • Credit card for payments.
If you require assistance or have questions, contact Amy Buchanan at the LO home office at 1-800-265-5656, ext. 2329 or email