September 15, 2015
By this point in the season members and crews are tired; daylight fades faster, as does one’s energy.

While a trip to the tropics would be great, achieving something more practical and logistically feasible is within your grasp. It’s time to enter one of your best projects into the Construction, Maintenance and Design Awards of Excellence program.

Many award winners have said that winning an award is a “unifying, gratifying and essential team motivator and builder.” It’s a time to get you and your staff up on the big stage in front of peers and reaffirm that your company is excellent.

Entries are being accepted until Oct. 1 in the construction, maintenance and design programs. Don’t wait until the deadline; take your photos and start the online entry process now. Re-touched photos will not be accepted.

Awards of Excellence coordinator Kristen McIntyre says, “This annual reminder provokes some creative reasoning for extension requests; while I appreciate the opportunity to hear the outstanding and imaginative explanations, appreciated more is that your submission is on time. We need to get them processed, judged and winners’ information prepared for the greatest (landscape industry) show on earth.”

The 2016 winners will be announced on Jan. 12 at the disco-themed ceremony presented by G&L Group with Connon Nurseries CBV Holdings as supporting sponsor.

Visit to submit entries and to also find entry guidelines and categories for each program. A user name and password are required if you have not already created one with Landscape Ontario. You can work on your entry and log out or in at any time before the deadline. Until you have entered payment information your entry is not officially submitted.

When you login, you will need:
  • Contact information of person entering on behalf of company
  • jpg photographs of the project; minimum of six and maximum of 15
  • A point form project summary, describing what you were trying to achieve with the project, including any quirks or conditions imposed by the property owner, conservation authority, etc.
  • You will be prompted to print an Authorization Signatures form  signed by the client/property owner
  • Credit card information for payment
If you require assistance or have questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process! Write to or