February 15, 2010
“Another first for Landscape Ontario,” said proud outgoing president Bob Adams, about the record crowd of members attending the association’s Jan. 13 annual general meeting. A technical glitch prevented the sound man from playing ‘O Canada,’ but the members jumped right in a cappella, reinforcing the meeting’s positive spirit.

Dr. Jim Brandle of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre gave an outline of his organization’s growth, and thanked LO for its support on ornamental horticulture projects. The Centre’s structure allows contributions from our industry to be leveraged many times over.

CNLA representative Gerald Boot CLP, reported on the ever-increasing value LO members receive through our national association.

After two years of exhaustive work, a recommendation from the By-law Committee was adopted. Non-active members may now serve on LO’s provincial board under certain limited conditions.

Bob Adams reflected on his term by sharing photos of the many events he participated in across Ontario. He said, “You, the member, are the reason this association exists. We are a family, a team, and we are Green for Life in all we do. A good team succeeds.” He gave special recognition to a lovely lady respected by all, Mrs. Tracey Adams.

Tony DiGiovanni’s executive director’s report was another highlight of the meeting. He quantified LO’s effectiveness by adding up the number of times LO reaches out through events, chapters, conferences, publications and other initiatives: LO makes an astonishing 254,800 contacts with industry members over the course of a year. According to him, the industry’s new public profile affirms that horticulture has “quantifiable environmental and economic benefits.”

Incoming president Tom Intven shared his thoughts on the industry’s future by stating that leadership is more important than ever. His vision is to help green industry members become stronger leaders through LO initiatives, and the theme he has chosen to express that goal is “Prosperity through Engagement.” He finished by expressing member gratitude perfectly with his tribute to Bob Adams.

Another highly respected LO member received a special tribute; Tony DiGiovanni recognized outgoing board member Bob Tubby CLP, for his generous work in founding the Prosperity Partnership.

Meeting participants formalized members of the new board for 2010, shown on page 4. New business items included a request to implement a new general manager position, which was defeated, and a request to review LO’s chapter funding formula, which carried.

Gerald Boot closed the meeting in a special, spontaneous acknowledgement of “the person who has gracefully put up with members’ strengths and weaknesses for 20 years, Tony DiGiovanni.” Boot led participants in thanking LO’s executive director for moving the association forward.