April 16, 2017
Tony DiGiovanni CHT
LO Executive Director

I am a big fan of author Daniel Pink and subscribe to his monthly “Pincast.” His most recent entry suggested a very simple way to “discover your purpose.”

I encourage you to try this exercise in your organization to find out how aligned everyone is in understanding the purpose of your company.

At a recent meeting, we asked the LO Provincial Board of Directors and staff to “describe the purpose of Landscape Ontario.” Based on their responses, it is not surprising to see how remarkably aligned and unified they are. This unity and aligned vision is a big reason why Landscape Ontario is such a vibrant, successful and engaged community of members. Below are some of the responses about the purpose of Landscape Ontario:
  • “Elevate professionalism of industry and image in public.”
  • “To promote Ontario’s green profession.”
  • “To recognize Ontario’s landscape entrepreneurs as the heroes they are.”
  • “To promote professional members as trained, honest companies with integrity toward customers and staff.”
  • “To provide a community to help members advance their own businesses and the industry as a whole.”
  • “To represent the landscape profession and be the medium between professionals and consumers.”
  • “To bring together professionals of the landscaping industries to promote, educate and network with members and the public.”
  • “To promote the profession of horticulture as a whole, internally as well as the public including our future team members.”
  • “Involve our industry in the promotion, education and professional development that makes our industry world class.”
  • “Education on all levels – public, professionals, potential members.”
  • “To promote the honesty, integrity and creativity of the industry.”
  • “Educate members and general public about the horticultural profession.”
  • “Community of professionals which improve (excel) members.”
  • “LO is about sharing ideas to make professionals more prosperous and raise awareness of the profession to the public.”
  • “To give back to the profession that we are a part of.”
  • “Promote landscaping professions to the public and private sectors.”
  • “Is to present vision of a family of enthusiastic people in a unique profession, like no other in our society.”
  • “To connect like-minded individuals in an effort to produce a collaborative effort toward improving the industry and the people in it.”
  • “To provide leadership within our profession for our members.”
  • “LO is an industry leader that helps develop and support the growth of our green profession.”
  • “To grow the green industry from within; like-minded landscape companies that want to better the industry as a whole through education, aspiration and professionalism.”
In summary, we are a community for mutual improvement and benefit dedicated to promoting professionalism, education and public trust.

In his book “Drive,” Daniel Pink highlighted three attributes that motivate us; autonomy, mastery and purpose. Spending time understanding and communicating our purpose will lead to enhancing our organizations.

Time for succession

For about 10 years, my many mentors have been urging me to develop a succession plan. I have resisted until now. I am very pleased to announce the creation of a new position within Landscape Ontario called Executive Manager. For the last five years, our trade show manager, Heather MacRae, and her team have done a remarkable job improving our trade show, conferences, symposiums and special events. I am happy to announce Heather will be adding the challenge of the executive manager role to her existing title. I know she will do well.

I look forward to working with Heather over the next few years to ensure a smooth and successful succession focused on growing a prosperous, professional, ethical and contribution-oriented profession. With this change, as with so many others, I am reminded of the saying, “Change comes bearing gifts and the best is yet to come.”

Tony DiGiovanni may be reached at tony@landscapeontario.com.