May 12, 2022

DIRT Report shows improvement

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance’s (CCGA) latest Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report shows a three per cent decrease in reported damage events in 2020 compared to 2019.

The report is a confidential database where various stakeholders may enter information related to damages to buried utilities.

Key findings include: The total number of reported damages Canada-wide totaled 11,573, which is a drop of three per cent from 11,949 in 2019, and four per cent from 12,041 in 2018; natural gas and telecommunication facilities were affected in 83.4 per cent of damages, 40.9 per cent and 42.6 per cent respectively; and the most common known root cause of damages was excavation issues at 36.7 per cent.

Contributing to DIRT is voluntary. The report does not reflect the total number of damages that take place in Canadian provinces and there is no legal obligation for reporting such damages, the CCGA says.

Visit to read the full report.