September 15, 2010
Cam Wilson, chief technical officer of Neudorff North America, told Horticulture Review that demand from lawn care professionals for Fiesta this year far outweighed the forecasts. “We apologize to anyone who did not have the opportunity to use Fiesta this spring and summer. Supplies for fall 2010 application of Fiesta are good,” said Wilson.

“We continue to research ways of improving Fiesta’s activity on lawn weeds and our aim is to lower the overall rates,” he said. “With 2010 almost behind us and with a better understanding of the volumes, planning for the 2011 season has started.”

The company says that early-order programs and production improvements through fall 2010 will ensure a continuous supply early in 2011 and throughout next season. “We do not expect any Fiesta shortages for next season in anticipation of the Ontario demand and other provincial pesticide bans,” says Wilson.

Wilson says that in some cases a follow-up application of Fiesta has been necessary for large or hard-to-kill weeds. “The low end of the label rates are being applied, I believe. Results at Guelph Turfgrass Institute are looking favourable.”

Wilson is one of the speakers at the 2011 IPM Symposium on Jan. 10 at Toronto Congress Centre.