January 15, 2012
By Jacki Hart CLP
Prosperity Partners Program Manager

Jacki Hart Within the community of governance at Landscape Ontario, there’s a movement afoot to ‘connect the dots’ between members and the value they receive from belonging to the association.

With approximately 2,500 member companies, it’s a pretty tall order to figure out who expects what from the association, and who benefits from which services and events

As a result of recent strategic planning initiatives by the board of directors, Tim Kearney spearheaded an initiative to ‘connect the dots’ between individual Chapter boards, and the various levels of governance, staff and resource allocation. This is exciting news. Because ours is such a broad membership base, we have a need to redefine how we coordinate efforts in each of the regions to ensure maximum value delivered to members through relevant programs, initiatives and goals – and integrate it with new technology and interests.

Similarly in every member business, there’s a need for continual strategic planning and to step back to figure out how to connect the dots. Just like Landscape Ontario, the business you work in has many moving parts. At times it may start to drift apart and function independently unless there is a finger on the pulse of the whole company, checking in to make sure there isn’t a duplication of effort and resources.

The Prosperity Partners program is an integral step toward creating a road map to navigate the various moving parts in your company, and to create a way to connect the dots. This is done by establishing a path to work along, with a clear set of goals.

In my experience working with hundreds of business owners, the biggest challenge for the boss to connect the dots in an objective way is to have a set of tools to help make an objective assessment of what strengths each person on the company team brings to the table, and what may be missing. We call this the Prosperity Partners Gap Analysis. It is the single most effective way that I’ve ever seen to connect the dots in a business.
In the Build Your Prosperity seminar, business owners and managers work through a very simple and revealing method of connecting the dots, regardless of what type of services or product the company provides. Just imagine how cool it would be to have the owner, managers and team leaders all on the same page, understanding who is doing what, when and why.

Key people hold themselves accountable to their role and responsibilities, while everyone watches each other’s back looking for balls that are dropping, and picking them up before they hit the floor (and cause a service failure).

The Prosperity Partners Build Your Prosperity seminar is the next step to connecting the dots in your company. If you’re an owner, sign up by going to www.horttrates.com/prosperity. If you’re on staff in a company, where you wish there was a clearer road map for you and your career at work, then get your boss or manager to sign up! If you’re an owner wishing you had better staff and more permanent staff, guess what? This seminar is an eye opener to help you figure how and who to engage in your business team.

Your association has developed this unique business tool box for you. It’s simple, effective, and easy to access.

Join us at the next Build Your Prosperity seminar. To register, or for more info, call Kathy McLean at 1-800-265-5656, ext. 306, or email prosperity@landscapeontario.com, or go to www.horttrades.com/prosperity.

Free templates to build your business

Templates are available for download for those who have completed the Best Practices seminar of the Prosperity Partners Program. Each of the templates will assist you to implement the key principles of the program into your business culture and many can easily be customized to adopt to your specific business needs.

To access the website, go to http://bit.ly/v5iDns. This month, we feature some of the Health and Safety templates, one of nine categories available on the website.

Health and Safety

2008 Health Safety Policy.doc
Accident Investigation and Reporting.doc
Artificial Respiration and CPR Poster.pdf
Back Injury Prevention.pdf
Early and Safe Return to Work Policy.doc
Emergency Response Plan.doc
Emergency Telephone List.doc
First Aid Policy.doc
Health and Safety Objectives.doc
Health and Safety Policy Template.doc
Health Safety Manual 2008.doc
Housekeeping Policy.doc
Joint Health Committee Policy.doc
Letter to Practitioner for Injured Worker.doc
OHSA Self-evaluation Templates.doc

Jacki Hart may be reached at prosperity@landscapeontario.com.