November 1, 2019

CNLA News November 2019

Petro-Canada program update

Current and new Petro-Canada/CNLA program users will be offered an increased discount amount on gasoline and diesel, from 2.9 cents per litre to 3 cents per litre, when using the SuperPass credit card at Petro Canada’s retail network of locations. The 15 per cent off car washes offer will continue at participating locations.

To apply, complete and submit the online SuperPass application form at If you are a current Petro-Canada SuperPass customer, you can easily enroll in this program by sending an e-mail to, to request your account be linked to the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s main link account. Please include your current SuperPass account number in your email request.

Charge-out rate survey

Have you ever wondered if your company is competitive in today’s market? Are you starting up a new company, and curious about what others are charging? Setting your billable rates too high or too low could limit your business growth. Having a pricing strategy and profitable industry competitive rates is key to a successful business.

In order to assess our industry’s charge-out rates, the Landscape Canada Committee is asking members to participate in a very easy, quick and confidential survey. We do ask your location, knowing that charge-out rates could be slightly different in each province.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey at

Thank you for helping us help you! These statistics will be shared to our members once we have a statistically valid sample size. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Anne Kadwell at

Developing export markets for nursery products

Over the past few months, CNLA has been working with an Executive MBA student team from Wilfred Laurier University to investigate export markets for nursery products in countries other than the United States. The team investigated many different countries around the world before narrowing in on three: France, the Czech Republic and Russia. These were chosen to represent three different risk levels: France, a low-risk market; Czech Republic, a medium-risk market and Russia, a high-risk market.

The MBA team researched the three markets and developed primers for each to help guide nursery sector members if they wish to investigate market opportunities in these countries. They also wrote a First Steps for Growers document that lays out the important steps before investigating any export opportunities. There are cost-share opportunities for export development through CNLA (AgriMarketing) and the federal government (CanExport). If you would like more information on this project, on export development or on these cost share programs, or copies of the documents, please contact Jamie Aalbers,

Thank you from Green Cities Foundation

In 2018, CNLA provided seed funding and Board support to establish a charity with the purpose of connecting plants and people for a greener, healthier urban climate. That charity is the Green Cities Foundation. Our goals are to restore, protect, and enhance the amount of healthy green space within our urban communities, while improving the quality of life for the 83 per cent of Canadians who call these cities home, and to engage the Canadian public in the many benefits these living green spaces provide throughout Canada.

With our launch in 2019, we have laid the groundwork for the Foundation’s inaugural project in Hamilton, Ont. — the first of many to come. We want to thank the members, who are the very heart of CNLA through your provincial associations, for supporting this ambitious program, and for your continued belief that great cities are living cities, and our collective connection to this living landscape does have the ability to change people’s lives.

Your contributions to building a greener, healthier, urban climate are part of this story. You can help by sharing our message on social media, by participating in a project, or by contributing financially to the Mission of the Foundation through your individual support at any dollar amount.

Whether you give $10, $15, $50 or more, every gift makes a difference. Visit to learn more about the foundation. Together, we’ll make an impact in the lives of Canadians, with a greener future.

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association is the federation of Canada’s provincial horticultural trade associations. Visit for more information.

Green Cities FoundationThe Green Cities Foundation is a charity whose purpose is to connect plants and people for a greener, healthier urban climate.