March 1, 2017

Red Seal Occupational Standard

Phase three of the Harmonization initiative has been launched and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) is moving forward with an integrated process between the Red Seal Occupational Standard (RSOS) and the Harmonization initiatives. The workshop was in Ottawa the week of Jan. 16, and was two parts — one to build the RSOS and two to discuss the sequencing of training topics with industry tradespeople and training providers. The program is revamping the format and process for developing standards, collecting additional elements of information that can be combined in different ways for different audiences. Participants will be trade practitioners; employers in the trade and instructors training in apprenticeship. Thank you to all industry volunteers that contributed to this and to Richard Rogers for representing CNLA.

Gardening makes ParticipACTION list

To members of the horticultural profession it is obvious gardening has many benefits: it’s relaxing, a great way to spend time outdoors, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. However, the incredible, medically verifiable health benefits are often overlooked — until now. The organization ParticipACTION, whose mission is to help Canadians sit less and move more, set up the 150 Play List, which is designed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by identifying healthy activities that are integral to everyday life in Canada. Gardening is number 51 on the list, a great reminder to the average Canadian that what you sell at your garden centre, plant, or grow in your nursery is good for their physical and emotional health. Check it out at

Support the future through Skills Canada

Skills Canada hosts an annual skills competition for over 40 trades and Landscape Gardening is always one of the most popular events. Although it moves from province to province, giving it a national platform, provincial competitions are held every year in your home province. Gold medal winners move on to represent the sector and province at Nationals. The competition is considered to be the Olympics for the trades. No other forum engages industry, educators and competitors from all provinces. This competition has an absolutely incredible impact on youth who have the opportunity to participate. It is the only National Forum to introduce Landscape Gardening to elementary and high school students, parents, teachers and guidance counsellors.

Manager manuals get a facelift

CNLA, in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals, has recently updated and re-vamped the Landscape Industry Certified Manager (CLM) manual series.  These manuals are excellent resources for training your management team, as well as study material for the Landscape Industry Certified Manager exam. There are seven modules to the CLM exam, along with seven corresponding training materials. Before challenging the exam, make sure you are up-to-date on your marketing and sales management, human resources management and corporate financial management knowledge — just to name three of the seven areas. Contact the CNLA Professional Development team to order your set of manuals and prepare to challenge the CLM exam and become a Landscape Industry Certified Manager.

Don’t forget

There are a lot of things happening this spring and summer as the industry begins to gear up after the winter months. If you have not already registered to attend the International Garden Centre Association’s Congress, do so now! Spaces are limited as Canada prepares to welcome nearly 200 delegates in the garden retail sector to Niagara Falls this September.

Plan to take part in Garden Days this year — a 10 day-long celebration of Canadian gardens and gardening, tied into Canada’s 150th celebrations. The objective is to draw attention to our garden culture, history and innovations and to underscore the importance of public and private gardens, the values of home gardening and the promotion of environmental stewardship.  Find an activity or sign your activity up at

The Canadian Landscape Standard is the single authoritative resource for landscape construction projects across Canada. This national guideline is the first to set the standard of landscape work in every province across the country. To order a copy, please visit     

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association is the federation of Canada’s provincial horticultural trade associations. Visit for more information.