November 6, 2023
Clean Air Calculator Industry Sneak Peek
The Clean Air Calculator is a web application tool developed using ArcGIS Software provided by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). This tool is designed to highlight the benefits of plants in urban areas and their crucial role in sustaining life within Canadian communities — all while mapping the planted urban environment.

What is the Clean Air Calculator?

  • The tool is built on ArcGIS Software, which leverages Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.
  • It relies on a literature review that incorporates key published studies and sources to provide accurate calculations.
  • The primary goal is to educate people about the positive impacts of plants in urban environments and showcase their value in Canadian communities.

What are the parameters measured?

The Clean Air Calculator measures several important parameters, including:
  1. Carbon dioxide: Assessing the reduction of CO2 levels. Plants naturally sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their stems, roots, and soil.
  2. Clean air: Clean Air is air with no harmful levels of pollutants (dirt and chemicals). Clean air is crucial for good health. Our calculator estimates air based on Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide atomic weights.
  3. People impacted: The term "people impacted per year" refers to the number of individuals who benefit from the oxygen released by plants. To estimate the amount of human oxygen consumption that can be offset by this process, we used an average adult human oxygen consumption rate of 215 m3/year.
  4. Kilometres offset: Every year, millions of kilometres are driven, leaving a trail of emissions. This metric shows determines how many kilometres are offset due to planted areas.

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