May 15, 2014
Landscape Ontario magazine wishes to clarify the content of a Letter to the Editor, ‘Put your company’s best images forward,’ published in the April issue. The intent of the letter was to bring forward the issue of recognition for designers.

There was no intention by the magazine to place any one firm in a negative light. A photo that accompanied the letter contained the caption, ‘Designed by: Beth Edney CLD, Designs By the Yard. Constructed by: Landscapes by Lucin.’ The photo was taken by Landscapes by Lucin and submitted as part of an Awards of Excellence entry. Landscapes by Lucin credited Designs By the Yard on its Awards of Excellence entry form. Landscape Ontario magazine apologizes if the letter left a negative impression. Use of the photo was not intended to cast a negative light on Landscapes by Lucin, which is an upstanding firm of the highest of reputation.