April 15, 2015
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing a new approach to issuing import permits for commonly traded plants intended for planting and propagation.

Importers may now apply for permission to import all the plants on a new Horticulture Plant List (HPL) from all countries with a single entry on their import permit application form. The HPL is available on the CFIA’s website at inspection.gc.ca/plantlist.

The HPL was compiled by the CFIA as a list of frequently requested plants which have common, basic phytosanitary import requirements. This will allow importers who are applying for an import permit to apply for all plant taxa included on the HPL with a single application, instead of requesting each of the listed taxa individually on their permit application.

Permit applicants often request permission to import many different plant taxa for each country of origin. Currently, each plant taxon must be entered individually on the application form for an import permit. The CFIA says the HPL is a way to simplify this process. In addition, the HPL may reduce the time required to review lengthy application forms and to issue the associated permit.