September 7, 2021
This year, National Tree Day marks its 10th anniversary.

Since 2011, the Wednesday of National Forest Week in September has been declared National Tree Day. The 10th annual National Tree Day takes place on Sept. 22, 2021.

The Canada-wide event was created to encourage Canadians to plant and dedicate trees, as well as learn about environmental contributions and the historical impact trees have provided to the national economy.

National Tree Day was established on March 2, 2011, following a motion in the House of Commons put forward by the late Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau, at the request of Tree Canada.

“By passing this motion, the House will ask Canadians to spend just one day reflecting on the link between their lives and that of the tree,” Galipeau said in 2011.

Today, Canada’s forests are seen as a major contributor to achieving net-zero emissions targets. Planting trees is a natural climate solution that removes and stores carbon from the atmosphere, while providing other benefits such as improved air and water quality, supporting biodiversity and decreasing the risk of wildfires in rural communities.

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