August 9, 2021
Burnaby green space renovation breaks ground

Burnaby green space renovation breaks ground

Steamworks Brewing Company, Para Space Landscaping Inc., the British Columbia Nursery and Landscape Association (BCNLA) and the Green Cities Foundation are collaborating on the renovation of an under-utilized area of Burnaby, B.C.

The land will be transformed into a public green space for the benefit and enjoyment of North Burnaby residents and visitors of the area.

A group of volunteers from the green industry in B.C. will be landscaping the space, and Steamworks will assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and stewardship of the land.

“The landscape profession is proud to give back to our communities, and hopes that by partnering on projects like this we can raise awareness on the value of green spaces and the positive impacts to the community that they can provide,” said Jeff Foley, CEO of Para Space Landscaping Inc. and landscape chair of the BCNLA.

The Green Cities Foundation is accepting donations to fund the project. For more information, visit