January 7, 2016
Best Practices Sales Success
Target and goal setting
  • Understand all of your costs and create profitable budgets for all sales areas
  • Clearly communicate budgets and targets to all players
  • Have seasonal, yearly and or monthly sales targets for every division of sales
  • Stay within your service scope and area
  • Set reasonable goals and ensure healthy profit margins before growth
Selling to your customer
  • Avoid overloading customers with too much tech talk
  • Listen carefully to their needs. Be savvy and confident to suggest relevant ideas
  • BE ON TIME FOR ALL MEETINGS. Return calls and emails promptly
  • Be respectful, timely and professional in all communications
  • Pre-qualify customers to ensure you are selling your product to your target market. Not every customer is a right fit
  • Develop a process from first contact to final payment, and communicate it clearly and follow it
  • Ensure your products and services are state of the art, high quality and very desirable by your target market
Delivering value
  • Provide better than expected service or product — don’t over promise
  • Have knowledgeable staff who seamlessly deliver value-added information and tips
  • Delight your customers. They won’t question the price
  • Treat your customer they way you expect to be treated
  • Have a sense of humour — make their experience of doing business with you a pleasant one
  • Don’t be afraid to charge for exceptional quality and service
  • Market your professionalism to your advantage
Your sales system
  • Be the first to admit if a mistake has been made, and have a solution in place
  • Communicate consistently and regularly with all players in the sales process — the customer (before during and after), managers, buyers
  • Have a consistent method of pricing work and products for profit
  • Have professional proposals and clearly written contracts signed by both parties
  • Ensure marketing campaign and promotions match available inventory and resources
  • Identify and communicate key components of sales calls
  • Advertise wisely and accurately. Tailor your marketing to the most profitable audience