February 15, 2016
hortprotectThe People Corporation, parent company of HortProtect, the Landscape Ontario endorsed supplier of group benefits and business insurance, recently launched an “ask the expert” wellness program available to anyone already enrolled in a HortProtect program.

Available 24/7, the online feature gives employees the opportunity to ask questions about nutrition, fitness, or any other health and wellness related inquiry they may have.

Wellness, the company says, is choosing to be healthy and taking small steps to create a healthy lifestyle by actively seeking out health information, tools and other resources. Since the average person spends about a third of their waking hours at work, they add, creating an easy way for employees to access information in the workplace is an important initiative. Sample questions include: “Can you help provide food items to incorporate into my meal plan to help fight cancer?” And, “If I am on the road a lot and have to eat out, what are some healthier options I should choose?”

If you are already enrolled in a HortProtect program, simply e-mail wellness@peoplecorporation.com and a wellness specialist will respond within two business days.