October 7, 2021
All Chapter Session October 7, 2021

How to promote your business with social media in 2022


Courtney Chiasson, Marketing Manager, in-lite Outdoor Lighting

Courtney holds a degree in Media Communications from Western University and a diploma in Video Production from Fanshawe College. As the Marketing Manager for in-lite Outdoor Lighting, she has been able to lead her team to create innovative, unique, and engaging content. With over six years of social media management experience, Courtney understands the ever-changing landscape of digital production and the importance of advertising through online platforms. Courtney’s goal is to grow and inspire the landscape industry and raise the standard of outdoor living through content creation.

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Session description:

Social media is ever-changing. New platforms come and go. The algorithms are intimidating and confusing.

When you finally feel like you have a grasp on this whole “posting thing” everything changes again. Did you know Instagram is transitioning away from being a photo-sharing platform? Did you know your content is more important for viewership than the number of followers you have?

Navigating all these changes and terminology might seem like a mountain too high to climb, but social media is necessary. It’s where your customers are and where you’re going to get the best bang for your advertising buck. This presentation is designed to break down the top social media platforms, how to navigate them in 2022, how to promote your business through online channels, and provide you with the virtual tools you need to climb this mountain. Whether you’re brand new to social media, have some basic experience posting online, or are just looking to learn about the changes coming to social media in 2022, this presentation can benefit you.

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