August 1, 2020

AIPH launches Virtual Expo and Conference  

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) announced a Virtual International Expo Conference for Sept. 15, 2020 called Recovery from crisis – the future for ornamentals.

“The coronavirus has made it impossible to host a physical congress this year,” AIPH explained. “Still, we are delighted to have identified an online solution that will enable us to continue to run a major international conference that will make it easy to attend for everyone, wherever they are in
the world.”

AIPH will host a 3D virtual event over two days, using 3D software and real-time technology. Both events will host participants from around the world, including: Key international speakers; AIPH member associations and affiliated members; Growers, traders and experts from around the world; and supporters, sponsors and expo organisers. For more information, visit