January 13, 2016
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Dunington-Grubb Award 2016
International Landscaping Inc.
backyard landscape   backyard landscape
Casey van Maris Award 2016
Monarch Landscape
  Don Salivan Grounds Management Award 2016
International Landscaping Inc.

Community Leadership Award
Recipients: Mark Cullen, Ryan Heath, Rich Hawkins, Karen Dobrucki, Jeanette McLellan
This award will be given to a member who makes a significant contribution to the community through their horticultural work. Reasons for nomination should include several examples of community based projects that the nominee has been instrumental in.

Honourary Life Membership
Recipient: Bob Tubby
This is the highest honour bestowed by the association. It is reserved only for those members who have consistently contributed their time, passion, enthusiasm and energy over a period of many years. Those who are given this tribute have committed a lifetime to furthering the mission of Landscape Ontario.

Horticultural Education Ambassador Award
Recipient: Aldo Cianfrini
This award recognizes significant contributions made to furthering the educational mission and purpose within the horticultural community.
Legacy Award
Recipient: Bob Wilton
This award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in the horticulture industry. This award is given to those who not only impart their knowledge on the people around them, but who also leave something for the generations behind them.

Past Presidents Award
Recipients: John O'Leary, Jeff McMann
This distinctive honour is awarded by past presidents of Landscape Ontario, to an individual who, over many years, has made outstanding contributions to the association. 

Prosperity Partners Leadership Award
Recipients: Yorkshire Garden Services Inc., Christine's Touch Gardening Ltd., A Touch Of Dutch Landscaping & Garden Services, The Waterboys Contracting Inc.
This award is presented to an outstanding individual that has worked through the program, and has demonstrated business leadership using the five pillars of the prosperity partnership model. Recipient is selected by the Prosperity Partnership Committee.

  mark cullen receiving an award on stage

people accepting an award on stage
people accepting an award on stage

people accepting an award on stage


The Awards of Excellence ceremony was made possible through the generosity of our presenting sponsors Draglam Salt and Earthco Soil Mixtures and Connon Nurseries CBV Holdings.

Top scoring winners from the programs will go on to compete in the National Awards of Excellence program. 
Contact www.canadanursery.com for more information.
Thank you to our ceremony host, Frank Ferragine and Breakfast Television, and our judges and special presenters.
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