January 10, 2024
Jeff Olsen
What a difference a year makes. With COVID restrictions lifted, the return of our industry leading
trade show and the prudent financial management of our exceptional board and staff, Landscape
Ontario had one of its most financially rewarding fiscal year's ever turning a deficit of $382,081 for
the fiscal year ending Aug 31/22 into a surplus of $662,792 for Aug 31/23.

We still have more work to do though. For the second straight year we saw significant unrealized
losses in our investments which we continue to monitor with the counsel of our investment

Also, for the first time in many years, we had a reduction in not only new members joining our
association but also a reduction in the number of members renewing their memberships as our
total membership has decreased from 3,378 to 3,121 members.

Rest assured as the financial well-being of your association is being closely monitored as we
continue to strive to provide exceptional service to our members who are the driving force behind
our success.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Olsen
Treasurer 2022-2023