November 11, 2022
Jeff Olsen
The association continued to face significant challenges for a second straight year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the safety and well being of the staff, suppliers and the membership in mind, the Congress trade show and conference planned for early 2022 was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. With the trade show being the largest income stream for the association and the added factors of inflation and market decline, the fiscal year ended with a deficit of $382,081, of which 71 per cent can be attributed to the unrealized losses due to market value adjustments of our investments.

As with any surplus, the deficit must also be allocated, in this case it has been allocated to the Horticultural Profession Development Fund.

On the plus side, membership once again saw a record increase due to several factors, including the implementation of several changes to the annual dues renewal process, including a new streamlined online membership application and automatic renewals by credit card.

As we began to distance ourselves from the seemingly ever-present shadow of COVID, it was encouraging to finally be able to meet with members once again as the association, chapters and sectors returned to holding in person events.

The association remains in a strong financial position due to the foresight and vigilance of it's dedicated leaders. With the return to an in-person Congress (and the coinciding 50th year celebration), I am very optimistic about the future growth and direction of our beloved association.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Olsen
Treasurer 2021-2022