January 7, 2016
Sample Policy for Skid Steer Training
All employees who use a skid steer or excavator must take a training course within one year of being hired.
All employees must take a refresher course every two years. All employees must watch the skid steer safety videos, which include skid steer safe operating techniques, skid steer pre-operation inspection, skid steer loaders in the Snow and Ice Sector once a year.
All employees must read the owner’s manual. All safety devices, guards and procedures are to be used, as per the owner’s manual and safety videos.
It is the responsibility of the machine operator to maintain a safe work site. All employees are responsible for personal, co-worker, public and environmental safety.
  • Employees receive a handout every year
  • Discussed at safety meetings
  • Employees receive a training course on use of skid steer/excavator before using equipment
  • See Equipment sign off binder for records
  • JHSC and supervisors review every spring of every year
  • JHSC review every spring of every year and makes changes and or recommendations as needed
Landscape Ontario offers a number of skid street certification courses throughout the year. To see the latest information on the Association’s seminars, go to Professional Development.