January 6, 2016
Roles and responsibilities
Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Identify hazards, make recommendations to remove hazards and improve safety
  • Post minutes and agendas before and after meeting
  • One employee member and one management member must be Certified in Part 1 Basic Certification Training and Part 2 Workplace Hazard Training
  • Overall responsibility for policy direction and planning
  • Review of control information
  • Delegation of responsibility and authority
  • Budget allocation for health and safety
  • Active support of health and safety procedures
  • Hold accountable those managers and supervisors reporting to them.
Supervisors (1), Foreman (2)
  • Responsible for employee and equipment training and workplace inspections    
  • Supervise to ensure correct working procedures are followed     
  • Communicate hazards and control procedures to workers           
  • Take reasonable precautions to ensure safety of workers            
  • Information feedback to management and employees                 
  • Co-operate with health and safety Committee members               
  • Hold accountable those employees reporting to them
All employees
  • Report known workplace hazards to employer, supervisor or foreman
  • Report known defective equipment or protective devices
  • Report all accidents to employer or supervisor or foreman
  • No matter how minor, report all injuries to supervisor
  • Comply with company rules and procedures
  • Use machinery, equipment, tools, etc., only as authorized and in a safe manner
  • Follow job procedures
  • Co-operate with health and safety committee members
  • Use or wear personal protective equipment as required
  • Report to work free of the influence of drugs and alcohol (zero tolerance)
  • Never work in a manner or situation that is unsafe
  • All employees are responsible for personal, co-worker and public safety
  • Read all owner’s manuals
  • Request training as required
  • Handed out to all employees every year
  • Included in ABC Health and Safety Policy since April 2000
  • Handed out every year to all employees
  • Employer, supervisors and foremen attend seminars, workshops and safety courses during the year (Landscape Ontario workshops, Farm Safety, Hamilton Bobcat, etc.)
  • Records are in health and safety room
  • List dates and names of certification training
  • JHSC review every spring of each year
  • Company dinner, company kick-off meetings
  • JHSC review every spring each year and make changes and or recommendations as needed
More information is available on the Ministry of Labour website.