January 6, 2016
Leadership Best Practices Checklist
  • Inspire them to adopt company plan and vision and to move forward
  • Empower employees to succeed and support them
  • Evaluate and reward employees appropriately and in a timely way
  • Understand motivators and needs
  • Role model for employees and demonstrate hands on techniques
  • Teach them to think and spend money like an owner
  • Inspire them to accept a challenge
  • Create a team culture where everyone receives mutual respect
  • Create a learning environment where questions and new skills are the norm
Company vision
  • Set a clear vision and communicate it relentlessly
  • Develop clear strategic plan and renew regularly
  • Adopt new ideas early and be innovative
  • Make sure your company philosophy reflects you and the market you serve
  • Get buy-in from your team on major decisions and goals
  • Regularly stretch from your comfort zone
  • Work ON the business more often than IN it
Professional development
  • Be knowledgeable and competent about the work you do
  • Stay current with trends, styles, products, legislation and equipment
  • Be innovative
  • Encourage and mentor peers
  • Freely give knowledge and ideas to industry peers
  • Surround yourself with experts
  • Continuously learn
Daily ethics
  • Do what you promise, be trustworthyand dependable
  • Practice what you preach; live and breathe your company values and vision
  • Adapt and change as necessary
  • Communicate clearly
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Work hard with focus and purpose
  • Be detail driven
  • Ask only what you would be prepared to do yourself
  • Be fair, consistent and honest
  • Act quickly to overcome problems as they arise
  • Face tough realities, avoiding excuses and rationalization
More ideas may be found on the HR Toolkit’s Performance Management Process.