January 5, 2016
Developing Customers for Life — Best Practices Checklist
Service Delivery
  • Offer exceptional products and services
  • Deliver everything in a professional manner
  • Deliver exactly what you promised — as a minimum
  • Communicate well with all parties (client, foreman, designer, ops manager, sales, AR, etc.)
  • Follow-up immediately on completion to ensure satisfaction and ongoing relationship
  • Communicate before, during and after a project or sale with your customer
  • Be on time, on budget and to correct scope and quality of product
  • Do the job right the first time
Company Image
  • Be creative to ensure you set yourself apart
  • Communicate consistently and in a timely way with customers, all through the season
  • Confirm customers are pleased with their experience, then ask for referrals
  • Advise long-term customers of new products which they might appreciate or want
  • Keep customer info up-to-date and have standards for communicating with them
  • Create and implement a solutions-based service ethic
  • Be consistent with every contact that customers have with your staff, either in person, on the phone, or via correspondence
  • Consider a customer loyalty program or referral incentive program
  • Consider a newsletter-type contact to regularly show your ongoing interest in doing business with them
  • Be consistent and clear with your warranty definition
  • Treat long-term customers with the utmost respect — make them feel special
  • Word of Mouth is EVERYTHING. It will quickly build your business with ‘right fit’ customers
Problem Resolution
  • Honour warranties and workmanship
  • Over-fix any problems perceived by customers
  • No matter how small a service or product issue may seem, deal with it promptly and with courtesy
  • Use diplomacy when resolving a disagreement
  • Listen carefully and say back what you hear to ensure customers know they have your attention
  • Make sure you both agree on the solution — and that it’s not a minimum effort on your part