January 5, 2016
Core Values

Being the best means conducting business with unquestionable integrity and uncompromising ethics. Core values should include safety, people, ingenuity, results and success. They are the foundation of a successful company, motivating and leading in a unified direction.
The number one value is the safety of employees, subcontractors, owners, and the general public. Safety coincides with production and quality and is an integral part of your business.
Relationships between employees, partners and the communities in which we work are critical to the continued success of your business.
Take pride in devising creative solutions for the most complex issues.
Partner with clients to deliver superior quality projects on time and on budget in a diligent, honest, reliable, efficient and collaborative manner.
Enjoy a strong industry reputation as a result of sustained and disciplined growth that continues to advance stakeholder confidence.
Be committed to these values and exhibit the highest level of integrity and ethical behaviour in every facet of your work. The goal at the end of each day is that employees can say, "I did my best." This standard of conduct is expected of every employee, regardless of position.