My job at LO is to create the visual identity and style for Congress, Growers Auction, Awards of Excellence and most of our events that happen at LO. I coordinate with the trade show department, membership, education and our chapters to gain an understanding of what they might envision for their event, and then create the promotional elements from there, both print and digital so that the messaging remains consistent and the event is recognizable by its graphics. I design and layout Landscape Trades and many of the brochures, posters, postcards, show guides, popups and flyers that go to our members. I then created the digital template for these elements so that those can be sent to our members and posted to our site. I believe that every promotional piece that I get the chance to work on deserves to be exciting, beautiful, creative and attention-getting. I like working at LO because the I get the opportunity to work with beautiful images, in an industry where people are passionate about their profession. I get to use the amazing creations of our members to make my work look great, so I thank each of our members for being so amazing at what they do; you help make me look good!

1-800-265-5656 or 905-875-1805
Extension 2347
Direct Phone 647-723-5447