April 3, 2012
Boxwood Blight Update
Ontario nursery to undertake eradication measures against C. buxicola
CFIA determined a positive location of Cylindrocladium buxicola at an Ontario nursery on Mar. 26, 2012.

Downham Nurseries, of Strathroy, Ont., has confirmed with CNLA that two of six samples taken from its York Ave. production facility were  positive. This facility ships #1 and #2 size boxwood. The nursery’s Elgin production facility, located 35 km away, has tested negative and healthy boxwood plants will continue to be shipped from that location.

In a letter sent to all customers on Mar. 27, general manager Mikel Peesker also confirmed the company’s intention to work co-operatively with CFIA in the eradication of all boxwood plants at the York Ave. facility.

“We fully recognize that these new pest situations are always a time of high anxiety for the sector,” noted Peesker. “We appreciate the patience of industry in providing us with the necessary time to develop a plan of action and a communication strategy to our client base.”

CFIA’s detection survey is ongoing, however in view of their limited resources, they have stated that only higher risk nurseries will be tested immediately. The Ontario confirmation is in addition to the two positive locations identified by CFIA in B.C. earlier this year.

Update from the U.S.

The American Nursery Landscape Association has also confirmed that positives have been found at one Ohio Nursery. The nursery is co-operating with the state’s department of agriculture to eradicate the disease.

On Mar. 23, ANLA hosted an informative webinar entitled, “Where we are and where we hope to be,” an overview of how the research community is addressing this new pest. The slide presentation is now available on-line through ANLA’s Knowledge Center.