January 5, 2016
Behaviour Guide
This guide is a management tool to assure your company retains the highest quality and most professional people. Outlined below are the behaviours considered as unacceptable, expected and exceptional. It can be used as a policy for your company.
Unacceptable behaviour conflict with our company culture and image can result in dismissal at the discretion of management. The list of Expected Behaviour gives examples of minimum standards for employee conduct. The examples of Exceptional Behaviour are those which will guide employees toward maximizing their season.
Unacceptable behaviour
  • Lateness or absenteeism
  • Unprepared for work (i.e. out of uniform, no safety boots, unclean, untidy, no lunch, not prepared for forecasted weather, etc.)
  • Negative attitude (toward the company, daily tasks, co-workers, management, clients, equipment or tradesmen.)
  • Argumentative or disrespectful behaviour toward staff, clients or tradesmen.
  • Engaging in derogatory gossip
  • Theft of any property or company time.
  • Attendance at any client property other than while on company time.
  • Failure to work at the pace of the team
  • Failure to complete tasks as trained, or requiring repeated correction or re-instruction of tasks after training modules are complete
Expected behaviour
  • Be a dependable team player—participating equally in all daily tasks
  • Diligently complete tasks to our standard
  • Bring concerns of safety or behaviour immediately to team leader’s attention.
  • Take timely and timed breaks as initiated by the team leader per the handbook.
  • Treat company property with care.
  • Report equipment maintenance needs
  • Refrain from conversation with co-workers if it interferes with the pace of your work
  • Ensure that at no time clients hear your conversation or voice
  • Be punctual, reliable and prepared for work
  • Follow procedures and policies per handbook
  • Share tasks equally and fairly
Exceptional behaviour resulting in maximum bonus
  • Demonstrates daily interest in plant identification, plant care and task learning
  • Consistently demonstrates initiative by performing learned tasks with minimal supervision and checking each work area for attention to detail before moving on to the next
  • Consistently efficient and effective work habits and pace
  • Discourages negative gossip or attitudes among team members
  • Demonstrates safe work practices for self and others
  • Demonstrates forward thinking by correctly anticipating and initiating work tasks
  • Reports problem situations (i.e. staff, safety, plant care, watering, equipment maintenance) promptly to team leader or operations manager