October 16, 2015

Please note - the submitting company's personal residence may NOT be entered in to any categories. Projects entered must be your customers property.

Construction, Maintenance and Design Categories
Open for entry July 1 to October 1
Winners will be announced on January 12, 2021.


Construction projects must have been completed no more than four years ago.
Judges will be using the following criteria: Originality, effectiveness and harmony of design elements, integration of plants and landscape materials, installation techniques and craftsmanship, execution of construction details, overall quality, horticultural compatibility and correctness, installation challenges encountered/site problems solved, appearance and ease of maintenance, unique use of plant material and overall impression. View the judge's score sheet.

Residential Construction: Design/Built by your firm or in conjunction with an independent designer:

  1. Under $10,000
  2. $10,000-$25,000
  3. $25,000-$50,000
  4. $50,000-$100,000
  5. $100,000-$250,000
  6. $250,000-$500,000
  7. $500,000-$1,000,000
  8. Over $1,000,000

Commercial Construction: Multi-residential and industrial landscape construction - design/built by your firm or in conjunction with an independent designer:

  1. Under $10,000
  2. $10,000-$25,000
  3. $25,000-$50,000
  4. $50,000-$100,00
  5. 100,000-$250,000
  6. Over $250,000
  7. Special Interest Construction: A focus on a specific area of the landscape. Unique or unusual use of concepts and materials - examples of hard or soft landscaping. Entries must be from one project only. (Eg. Built in BBQ area, Specialty Seating, Green Wall, etc).
  8. Water Features: Unlimited (eg. pools, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, etc.
  9. Place of Business: Your own business entrance as seen by your customers; NOT including your personal/private residence area. (Company name may be referenced in both images and project summary).
  10. Rooftop or Balcony Garden: Entries will be judged on feasibility of construction, best practices and overall visual impact. May be a residential or commercial project.
  11. Theme Gardens: This must be a permanent installation. Please state the intended theme. (eg. Butterfly Garden, Rock Garden, Knot Garden, Ornamental Grass Garden, etc.) Theme must be predominant in overall appearance/design intent.


Entries must promote the use of landscape lighting, both low and line voltage, as an essential extension of the landscape plan, well integrated into its environment.

  1. Under $10,000
  2. $10,000-$30,000
  3. Over $30,000
  4. Holiday Lighting: Use of decorative lighting to enhance the property for festivals or holidays.



This category is open to all industry sectors as listed above. USE YOUR WEB ADDRESS FOR YOUR PROJECT NAME. Judges will navigate through your website. Project summary should include what you are trying to achieve with your site, and how it has helped your business. Please submit 1-3 digital images as a sample from your web site for use on the plaque/in the ceremony. (1-3 screen captures or pages).

  1. Company Website



Maintenance projects must have been maintained for a period of not less than two seasons.
Judges will be using the following criteria: Originality, overall impact, quality of turf cut, turf health, edging & trimming, evidence of IPM/best practices, cleanliness of site, (ie. debris), pruning (proper technique) plant health and vigour & design. View the judge's score sheet.

Private Residential Maintenance: Single Family Homes.

  1. Under 15,000 sq. ft. lot size
  2. 15,000 sq. ft.-1 acre
  3. 1 acre or more

Multi Residential Maintenance: Condominiums, senior citizen/nursing homes, townhouses, apartments.

  1. Under 2 acres (excluding parking)
  2. Over 2 acres (excluding parking)

Corporate Building Maintenance: Industrial Complexes, Public or Retail Buildings.

  1. Under 2 acres (excluding parking)
  2. Over 2 acres (excluding parking)
  1. Special Interest Maintenance: Residential or Commercial: A focus on a specific maintenance area featuring annuals, topiary, espalier, etc.
  2. Non-Turf Maintenance: Sites must feature maintenance on areas other than turf.



Judges will be using the following criteria: (Design/Installation) design, creativity and aesthetics of the project. Emphasis on coordination, challenge and quality of work performed. (Maintenance) quality of work performed. Emphasis on scope of the project, maintenance schedules and procedures, and significant challenges.

Interior Design and Installation: Focus on design, creativity and aesthetics of the project, with an emphasis on coordination, challenge and quality of work performed. Incorporate plants, containers and other elements to create an attractive and sustainable project.

  1. Projects less than $2,500 service value per annum
  2. Projects greater than $2,500 service value per annum

Interior Maintenance: Contractor must have maintained the project for a minimum of one year and must be the current maintenance contractor.

  1. Projects less than $2,500 service value per annum
  2. Projects greater than $2,500 service value per annum



Design only; does not have to be built.
NEW FOR 2020: Design entries will not be required to submit design boards. A copy of the landscape design will be required and will need to include the following elements to be judged;

  • Project name
  • Detailed plant list
  • Indicate north and include city name for reference.
  • Drawings must be in colour and indicate the scale
  • Before pictures may also be included.
  • Projects that include your company name will not be eligible for judging

*NOTE: all design category submissions must also complete the online entry forms and project summary before considered complete.

Judges will be using the following criteria: Overall design impact, execution of problem/solution employed, creativity/innovation, horticultural compatibly & correctness, aesthetic appeal, technical hardscaping aspects, elements & detailing, plant selection, organization & completeness. Photos of your board are required for both judging reference to your physical board submission, as well as in the case that your project receives an award, we will use the photos of your board to showcase your work. Provide a minimum of 3 photos of the front of the board with your online submission. View the judge's score sheet.

Private Residential Design:

  1. Under 2500 sq. ft.
  2. 2500 to 5000 sq. ft.
  3. 5000 sq. ft. or more
  1. Commercial Design: May not include submitting company's place of business.
  2. Planting Design: Must be less than 10% construction, commercial or residential.



Irrigation projects must have been completed no more than 2 years ago and submitted by the installer. Judges will be using the following criteria: Quality of planning and analysis, effective use, presentation or programming of irrigation techniques and best practices, relationship to conservation initiatives, environmental responsibility, relevance to the irrigation profession, the public interest and the environment, functionalism, relationship to high efficiency context. Only one award will be given in each category at the discretion of the judges, and reserve the right not to award in either of the categories.

Superior professional accomplishment using reclaimed or potable water. Construction site-specific works of irrigation consulting, design, and installation for commercial or public projects. For large incremental/phased projects, the first phase must be completed to be eligible for the award.

  1. Water Conservation, Potable Water
  2. Water Conservation, Non-Potable Water
  3. WSIP Water Optimization, Region of Peel*
  4. WSIP Water Optimization, York Region*

*New for 2021, the Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) Program will be awarding two awards to WSIP Certified Contractors that have made a significant impact on reducing water consumption through irrigation system retrofits.

Growers Categories
Judged at the Industry Auction

All decisions made by the judging panel are final.

  1. Evergreens - Field Grown, Upright and Spreading
  2. Evergreens - Container Grown, Upright and Spreading
  3. Broadleaf Evergreens
  4. Deciduous Shrubs
  5. Deciduous Trees - 300 cm or less
  6. Deciduous Trees - Top Grafted/Worked
  7. Caliper Trees (Minimum of two specimens)
  8. Vines and Groundcovers
  9. Perennials
  10. Unusual and Rare Plants (Worthy of attention; minimum of four specimens)
  11. Design on a Skid - be creative, anything goes (as long as it fits on a skid!)
  12. Judges Choice Award: The judges will choose the best overall entry to receive this special award.


Garden Centre Categories
Open for entry July 1 to September 1, 2020.
Winners will be announced
 on January 12, 2021.

Judges will be using the following criteria: Sales appeal, originality, creativity, ease of shopping, cleanliness, use of signage, quality of plant material and overall impact. Judging is based on the images and descriptions submitted. All decisions made by the judging panel are final.

Outstanding Display of Plant Material:

  1. Deciduous Shrubs and/or Trees
  2. Annuals and/or Perennials
  3. Evergreens and/or Broadleaf
  4. Your Specialty: Plant material your business is noted for
  5. New Varieties: Annuals and/or Perennials

Outstanding Display of Goods:

  1. Outstanding Display of Giftware
  2. Outstanding Display of Hardgoods
  3. Outstanding Display of Seasonal Goods

Other Merchandising Techniques:

  1. Creative P.O.P. Area (Cash register or immediate surrounding area)
  2. Outstanding Promotional Event
  3. Outstanding Print Advertising (Company ID may be displayed.Please include three copies of print ad)
  4. Outstanding Web Site Development. Use your web address as the header of your submission. (Please include one to three images featuring art from your web site)

Permanent Display Gardens:

  1. Under 500 sq. ft.
  2. Over 500 sq. ft.
NEW: Employer of Choice
Open for entry July 1 to October 1, 2020.
Winners will be announced at the Awards 
Ceremony on January 12, 2021.

New for 2020!  The goal of these Awards will be to recognize Employers of Choice and to promote better practices in the landscape and horticulture professions.​ After completing the application, a questionnaire will be sent to the applicant to forward to their employees. The top scoring companies will be recognized as an Employer of Choice. Company information will be remain confidential and employee responses will be kept anonymous. At the conclusion of the program, each company will be sent their overall scores based on feedback from their employees.​ Learn more about this new program here.


The judges will also award ‘Green Stamps’ to projects that exemplify green practices, using quality construction, maintenance and design, in sustainable landscapes. Best practices such as use of permeable paving, native plantings, water conservation strategies, green roof technology, etc., will be considered. Please include information on green in your project summary, and highlight your sustainability efforts in your photos.

PLEASE NOTE: All decisions made by the judging panels are final.

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